Qualities one seeks for in life-partner as discussed at Indiblogger

Animesh K. MishraI would like my spouse to understand the importance of providing personal space; too much of closeness leads to suffocation.

~ Animesh Mishra


RanjithI thought that I’ll have to stay awake the whole night to come up with an answer. But then, I remembered a scene from a Telugu movie. The heroine asks the hero about his plans for marriage. He replies saying that it should happen all by itself. You can’t marry a girl just because the stars have matched or that you are being given a handsome dowry. The same thing for me. It should happen. What I think is the perfect quality today may not be so tomorrow. When you find yourself in unconditional love with a person, then you already have a good match. Anything may happen in the future and your preferences may change. But the marriage remains successful.

~ Ranjith

ShrikantNot too many expectations. Just someone who understands me and can put up with my quirks. And a couple of lines for that lady
You can dance.. every dance with the guy.. who gives you the eye.. let him hold you tight..
You can smile.. every smile for the man.. who holds your hand.. beneath the pale moon light..
But don’t forget who’s taking you home.. and in who’s arms you gonna be…
So darling.. save the last dance for me.

~ Shrikant

Madhu BhardwajBetter to marry someone who loves you rather than one who you love. (I know I know but this is true). Good looks are the most hyped quality in a life partner and they mean just nothing.
Marriage is the proverbial ‘ladoo’ that everyone wants to eat. Those who eat it repent and those who don’t hanker for it. Still walk into it with your eyes open knowing that you are relinquishing control over your life. (Debatable point with pros and cons, I am aware.) Try to stay away from people who display their money and are rude to people who cannot answer back due to whatever reason.

~ MadhuBhardwaj

I didn’t look out for him with any specific qualities but I am thankful for these “Sense of humor, modesty, helping hands, his belief in space, patience and his laid back attitude (I tend to get very very hyper about everything, so it balances things out) etc etc.

~ Sfurti

Sfurti Juztamom

Prasanna Seshadri

Someone who agrees to get married outside when its raining. πŸ˜€ Also, breakfast with this person needs to be enjoyable.

~ Prasanna Seshadri

My answer is a smiley. πŸ˜€

~ Nandini

Nandini Deka

Ankita Singhal

He should be a man not a boy, man of his words, man enough to care and take a stand. And intelligent with good sense of humor. The one who truly lives his life.

~ Ankita Sighal

He should be tall, fair, good-looking, filthy rich and manageable. πŸ˜›

~ Pankti Mehta

Pankti Mehta

C. Suresh

I think you already have my views in that post “How I stayed a bachelor” in marriage book πŸ™‚

~ Suresh

I would like a wife who looks and earns like Marrisa Mayer, has a figure like Pam Anderson thinks like Mother Teresa. πŸ™‚

~ Vijay Prabhu

Vijay Prabhu


Should be taller than me, should have good sense of humour and I have a big list. B-)

~ k2

My husband should be a huMAN rather than just a MAN!

~ Sayantini Bhattacharya

Sayantini Bhattacharya

Indu Sharma

I got mine. He loves me truly. Nothing other matters to me. B-) I am cool and he is hot! πŸ˜‰

~ Indu Sharma

What I will look for in my guy:1. Nature (Caring,Understanding,Humility)2. Some one who will consider me equal and disagree with gender bias thereby both of us contributing to every aspect of our future3. Accept me as what i am both my positives and negatives (Ofcourse I have to do the same for him)

~ Snuffles Jay

Hmm, I actually wanted to post on such a topic, coming through as a consequence of the Compatibility Issues I’m pulled or repelled by; but then just like most topics, it sank in the corners of my mental conscience.

My notion of love is the way I apply butter to my toast – Generous Heaps and dripping, with additional side-effects. [Metaphor: Butter is to Cholesterol as Love is to Being taken for granted].

My compatibility with a person goes hand-in-hand with my own rendion of my own personality. I’m a perpetual underminer who has varied layers depending on situations. I consider myself a Human, irrespective of religion or nationality, perceptive to making flaws. And I can sideline major dips in my life scenarios in the form of disappointments, depressions, and anger behind sarcastic humor, Facebook outrages and/or occasional straight face.

I’d want my woman to be an endless ocean of support; who, if encourages disclosure of problematic encouncters, should be far from judgmental, should manage to appreciate my honesty and courage, and then, utilize that very ocean of support to stick with me. If I do manage to find someone absolutely opposite to me in matters of physical aspects like TV Shows, Political/Religious Views or even if she argues with me over who is better than Sachin Tendulkar as a batsman, I’d still manage to live with every such issue. But I would still seek some sorta similarity on Temperament, Ideology, Wit, Listening Capability, Memory, and ability to indulge in and handle logical discussions.

I have a notion for the kind of woman my attention attracts to, and until recent time, that notion was safeguarded and blindly followed. That very notion has now been transformed into an ever-adapting, far more complex procedure. Gah! I’m gonna die alone. πŸ˜›

~ Khushrav W

Khushrav W

The FoolIn my opinion, expectation is the root cause of all disappointment – It is best to accept and appreciate people as they are.

Given that, if you are going to have an arranged marriage and you are going to have to choose from a pool, some of the things one can look at is:-

1. Someone who can understand and appreciate your core values.

2. Someone who is logical and can be engaged in an open dialogue when taking decisions.

3. Someone for who you feel respect for as a person. Theoretically one can say everyone should respect everyone else. But we are human and we have preujudices and egos. So you start with thinking someone is inferior, it is going to reflect in your behavior and you end up in conflict.

4. Someone who is not too proud or egositic – due to education/career or dad’s financial position or physical appearance.

~ The Fool


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