Rendezvous at sasural

I recently heard of an old story of a newly wed Damaad babu, visiting his father in law’s abode, for the first time.


He was so overwhelmed by the exquisite treatment he received, that he wrote a line on the bathroom wall.

“Saasro, sukhvaasro”


which meant , ” sasuraal is a place of divine pleasure.”

His father in law read this, pleased, increased the rendezvous treatment.

next day,our damaad babu, a little sad on having to leave the place shortly, wrote thus

“chaar dinaa ro aasro”

which meant, “limited to only three four days of pleasure”.

Father in law, when he read this, patted his damaad babu and said, you can stay as long as you like.

This pleased our damaad baabu to the helm. When he went to the bathroom, he wrote below it,

“rehsyaan choumaas”

Which meant ” will stay here four months”

when our father in law read this, he wrote below it,

“Desyaan khurpi, Chilwaasyaan ghaas.”

which meant ‘ “will give Khurpi, an instrument to peel weeds, and he would have to peel weeds in garden all day.”

Next our damaad baabu reading the lines, packed his baggage instantly, and took leave of the rendezvous pleasure abode.



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